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the absolute hero of no one at all
22 July 2020 @ 01:54 pm
intro posts are for the cool kidsCollapse )
the absolute hero of no one at all
15 July 2011 @ 06:39 pm
I haven't posted on here in forever. Probably because Tumblr ate my life, but it's not good for long, drawn out life-updates that I like to do occasionally.

Miska and I are going on a date on Saturday, and i'm super excited but also very nervous. I'll have to chill myself out on the drive to Largo that morning or something. Ive liked Miska since FAE so the whole "you like me? I like you too! HOLY SHIT" thing last week was very awesome.

My room is packed with stuff from the room connected to it, because my mom changed out the furniture, and that required all the things that weren't furniture to be moved somewhere else. Like my room. I'm having a hard time getting to the closet and my dresser, not to mention my dirty clothes hamper, which is now so full I can't get to my light switch.

I need my nice undies for this weekend but that's not going to happen if I can't get to them to wash them.

I'm fighting with Tallahassee Utilities to get the electric in my apartment turned on in time for move-in. They keep giving me the run around for some reason, I have no idea what. I'm supposed to do it in my name but I might have to do it in my mom's just so I'll have lights in August.

I'm technically living on my own in a real apartment building, but I probably won't feel that way until I don't have stuff waiting for me at my parent's house still, which won't happen until i'm out of school because fuck Tallahassee I don't want to be there any more than I have to.

Paul is selling a house to the head of Disney costuming, so I may have an in there once I get out of school. I'll take what I can get but my ultimate goal is still Universal. Also, moving to California after college is looking more and more plausible the more people I meet who have connections at Disney international.

Ive got all but my auspistice quadrants filled. Miska is my (sort of) matesprit at the moment, Alex is my kismesis and Jake is my morail. Alex also dabbles in the moral quadrant but after the wrestling match we had at my party I think she's mostly jumped ship.

If you don't read Homestuck that made no damn sense.

I move back to Tallahassee in late August, and i'm excited but not. I made so many friends this summer I don't want to go 4 extra hours away, but at the same time, I want to get to my new place and see Meryl and everyone else. Orlando is boring me just a little bit.

My annual trip to North Carolina is coming up next week and that's super awesome. I'm excited to relax a little but with old friends. Although, lately, ive been feeling less connected to them because of my shifting interests and how well I click with the people in the convention circuit. Hopefully this trip will remind me why I love them so.

I need to make Vriska's arm still. Fuck my life.
the absolute hero of no one at all
07 May 2011 @ 11:06 pm

In other news, I think I may have made Vriska's horns too big...shit.
the absolute hero of no one at all
20 March 2011 @ 06:06 pm
In my personal opinion, one drunken night is good for the soul every once and a while.
the absolute hero of no one at all
26 February 2011 @ 05:08 pm

Please translate this for me. I want you to look at the characters, read them, and tell me what they say, even if you know what it's from already. I know what they should say, I just want to see if they really do say it. Thank you!

the absolute hero of no one at all
25 February 2011 @ 07:42 pm
Maybe i'll just shave off all my hair and wear wigs forever-
the absolute hero of no one at all
+ Still sick as a dog.
+ MTV's version of SKINS was alright.
+ New UK season will be 10 times better.
+ Someone tried to troll me and failed, it was beautiful.
+ The amount I wish to be a good cosplayer is so freaking high and i'm so afraid i'm not.
+ I wish I was at Orlando Anime Day, I miss everyone so much it hurts.
+ MTV's version of The Inbetweeners, at least the pilot, is being filmed at DP today.
+ The RA selection process is going to be a test of how badly I need a job and my own room.
+ I didn't get into a sorority and I don't really care anymore.

Tissues, tissues everywhere.
the absolute hero of no one at all
20 January 2011 @ 09:58 pm

+ Im hungry but can't will myself to move past my computer chair and bed, and I don't trust my roommate to make something for me. She sets bread on fire. Not toast, bread.
+ Being sick will make me sing Taylor Swift off-tune every time.
+ Is candy bad for you when you're sick? Because my medicine so far has been two doses of DayQuil, Skittles, purple Kool-Aid and some Ferrero Rochers. SOUL FOOD~
+ I may or may not get a bid from Delta Delta Delta tomorrow, and if I do i'll accept in a heartbeat.
+ If not that's cool too, I'll continue to be sick and hang out with my nerd friends.
+ If my Kobato cosplay doesn't come in i'm going to be so sad, but I don't think it will. Same thing happened with Shirley last year. But i'll have the wig. So i'll figure some shit out. It won't be a mess like last year though.
+ I've had a sammich for dinner three nights in a row, it's time to class this shit up. POP TARTS IT IS.
+ I constantly re-organize my food and i'm not sure why.
+ I love knowing people on deviantART who can do me favors. It makes me feel special and also comes in handy when I need commissions on short notice.
+ I finally got my book from Kelsey Rakes (a.k.a estallidos on deviantART) and it has the most beautiful inscription for me inside of it.

dearest ashley.
you lovely girl of patchwork and rubble. your unpredictability and penchant for destruction is exactly why we need you so very much. you look at the world differently than most.
look out your window around 7:00 pm on tuesday. i've sent a grey car. tell the driver the password and he'll give you your ticket.
meet me there. we could have a pair of matching galoshes, a pet dragon. i've bought a rocketship. i'm going to tear down the moon and cut it into ribbons for us to wear in our hair.
love always,

+ It also has one of my favorite poems by her, which is a post for another time.
the absolute hero of no one at all
13 January 2011 @ 10:09 am
I'm rushing for sororities.

I never thought of myself as the sorority type, but I get along really well with the sorority type of girls. My best friends for years are almost all in them now. I have fun around girls like that, just as much (but in a totally different way) as my friends who enjoy my fandoms and anime. I didn't expect myself to actually go for it though, I skipped fall rush because I figured they wouldn't like me.

It's because I'm so lonely at school. I want something to be a part of, something to be proud of. I want to show me letters on shirts and bags and feel like I belong somewhere. Plus, you're never bored with sororities, and it gives you a great way to not only meet people, but it's going to kick my ass into shape.

And not just in the fit way, either. I'll never be a small girl. I mean not wear shitty clothes that don't fit, actually have my hair clean, things that I should do anyway but don't.

Yesterday was the big information thing, where I went around and talked to representatives from the different sororities. I really hit it off with the girls from Delta Delta Delta (I know) and Kappa Alpha Theta. But then I get back, and Alex has a facebook message from Sigma Delta Tau already inviting her to stuff, and Lisa got a text from Alpha Gamma Delta doing the same, and they're talking about how they got their names circled in the back and I didn't get any of that.

I mean, yeah, I pretty much made my facebook unreachable at this point. I took out my middle name, unattached my FSU e-mail and took myself off the FSU network, then made it friends only, because I don't want the stigma of "cosplayer" attached to me before they get to know me. I'm not hiding it, i'm just making sure they go at me with an open mind, like I did with them (Tri-Delt is considered a more..."unmodest" sorority, as in "if your girlfriend wont, try delt"). If I get a bid they'll know me when they actually get to know me, I won't hide if asked. I'm not ashamed. If they actually like me my hobbies will just be a cooky side note.

But still. I didn't get pulled behind the table, I didn't get a name circle, and ive yet to get an e-mail or text. It makes me sort of depressed. I liked the girls, and I thought they really liked me too, but I guess I just didn't "wow" them. It's kind of a big blow to my confidence, especially since I thought I was looking rather hot when I got there.

Oh well. I'll see where things go from here, but so far ive gone from like 70% sure I would get a bid to like 20% and kind of sucks. But whatever, I bounce back from everything pretty fast. Today is my favorite classes, costuming and my Doctor Who/Star Trek english, IN WHICH I HAVE ACTUALLY MADE FRIENDS. LIKE, FRIENDS WHO FACEBOOK MESSAGE ME TO DO SHIT AND HANG OUT AND BGUIBDFGUBDFGDUFBGDF OMG.

It's a big deal.

Plus I have a quiz later in math, which feels weird, because I haven't taken math in years. It's a nice feeling when I actually get something and can pass a quiz on it, it feels familiar. I forgot how good I was at it.

This entry is going to end now.
the absolute hero of no one at all
12 December 2010 @ 03:50 pm
If you're going through hell - keep going.